-lip-crayons (2)

Crayon drawing on your lips!

You follow all make-up trends and you are pretty sure that you have seen almost everything. When it comes to the lip care, you must have tried all types of lipsticks, glosses, and balms. You probably know lip crayons as well. If not, do not let the look of it fool you. By no means is this a product for little girls. The ‘Colour Boost’ is available on the market for over a year and since then it has been raved about. Some women absolutely love it, others despise. Whichever feeling they may have towards this lipstick, it cannot be underestimated that it has become one of the bestselling Bourjois lipsticks.

The product is in a shape of a chubby, twist up pencil so there is no sharpening needed. The colour range may be disappointing as it comes only in 4 shades, one of which have hardly visible, light colour. The Bourjois crayon provides deep lip hydration and it can be worn as a splash of colour with a single, light coat. Three shades are buildable to achieve more dramatic, evening look. The colour payoff is good and there is no need to put a lot of product to create an incredible look. If your lips are dry or chapped, there is no better lipstick that will nourish them without feeling heavy or sticky. Thanks to the ease of use there is no way you can go wrong with it. SPF15 and water resistant properties makes it a perfect, summer make up essential. The list of positives is long; there are however, a few drawbacks. Although the producer claims the ‘Colour Boost’ is a longwearing product, it turns out that that the colour fades after three hrs. and after five needs to be retouched. Additionally, drinking and eating shortens its longevity.
Is it worth getting it? The answer is yes, on the condition that you will be lucky to find the right shade, which in many cases is simply impossible,