The best waterproof eye pencil Yves Rocher

Mascara and eye pencil are the compulsory beauty products every woman should have. This combination guarantees that your eyes will bemore definied and seducing. If you still don’t have the favourite eye pencil you should get familiar with “The Stylo Regard Waterproof” by Yves Rocher. It is a new, phenomenal, waterproof pencil that you will instantly fall in love with.
This magic pencil will change your eye make-up dramatically forever. During hot days, you do not need to stick to boring black lines. Now it is the time for you to look vivid and bright. All you do is to swap your standard eyeliner for “The Stylo Regard Waterproof”. It comes in a wide range of colours that will make your eyes pop. You can choose from bottle green, flashy iridescent turquoise, bold golden beige and many more.
The undoubted plus would be the built-in sharpener. Although this a twist up pencil, Yves Rocher made sure that customers can achieve ultra-precise lines by sharpening the tip of the pencil. More and more customers choose Retractable pencils as they are aware that sharpening traditional pencils may waste a lot of the product. This way we are sure that all the pencil will be used. Additionally, it never dries out because of the lid it comes with. It has clinically tested formula so it can be also used on sensitive water.
The pencil has a creamy consistency that goes on evenly and blends easily. Just like any other similar makeup product, it needs to be kept at room temperature. Otherwise, the pencil may be to hard or may be damaged if left in a warm place. Its waterproof formula guarantees a flawless, long-lasting look. You can you can watch a tear squeezer with your boyfriend with and not to worry about your make up.
Once you get “The Stylo Regard Waterproof” you will throw away all other eyeliners. It may cost a lot but it is definiately worth its money. It seems that there is no better eye pencils available that will do the same job. Undoubtly, it truly stands up to its name.