How to hypnotize with Lancome eyelashes

Are you dreaming of long, thick, Hollywood style eyelashes?
Lancôme can make your wish come true. Thanks to ‘The Hypnose’ mascara, your lashes can be extremely thickened and longer. Lancôme claims that it increases lash volume up to 6 times. To achieve this spectacular effect, the formula of the product is buildable, and it can be smoothly reapplied for more dramatic evening look.
It truly provides ample coverage, creating length and definition.
What is a great feature of ‘The Hypnose’, is that it doesn’t dry stiff. Even when you wear a few coats, it does not feel heavy nor uncomfortable. You if you would like to get a more natural look it is enough to put only one coat of the product. When applying a few layers of product it is difficult to make lashes look natural. Not in this case. It is not clumping and more importantly, it does not leave smudges.
Many of you will be happy to know that ‘The Hypnose’ is available in two variations. Waterproof and not- Waterproof. Lancôme give you an option. Wearing not-waterproof mascara may not be the best choice to wear it on a swimming pool date but it has its good sides as well. It is safe for sensitive eye area and no harsh make up cleaners are needed to remove it. You can simple wash it off with warm water and gentle soap, yet it does not smudge once throughout the day.
The product comes in a black tube and it has an innovative brush shape brush, which is perfect when you try to apply it on the bottom lashes. The product is comes in two colours: traditional black and dark brown.
‘The Hypnose’ by Lancome is an unique product that has been on the market for many years. The formula has not been changed since it was first released proving that there is nothing that could be improved.
The only disadvantage of this amazing, mascara is its price. We can forget, though that it is a high quality product. Most of the woman already loved it. It you dare to try it is bound to won your heart as well.