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How to improve our look? Do the Moon phases matter?

We humans are dependent on the nature powers. We know that season of the year have a strong effect on human body and behaviour. Nowadays, since study of the Moon cycles went mainstream, we also know that Phases of the Moon are equally important.
Since recently, the scientists has proven that the Moon Phases influence the efficiency of beauty treatments.
There are four Moon Phases to be distinguished: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon
New Moon
It is the time, when the Moon seems to be the smaller. It is in a shape of a croissant. It is a great time to detox your body and to start a new diet. It is fairly easy to change your eating habit and to lose a few inches. If you can resist the first cravings, you will be more likely to succeed in your new eating regime. You may also feel a little bit tired during this period as you are undergoing you a process of regeneration.
Waxing Moon
This is the best time to visit your hairdresser. If you decide to have your split end cut, your hair will grow faster and stronger. It is important to eat a lot of water-rich fruits and green, leafy vegies. Your body has the ability to absorb more nutrients. Having all kinds of moisturizing treatments like full body herbs massage is a great idea.
Full Moon
This is the peak of the Cycle. It is the time when we feel energised and alive. If you are thinking of changing your hair colour this is the best time for it. Do not schedule a dentist appointment and avoid waxing as we are more susceptible to pain. We also can bleed easily.
Waning Moon
Purifying treatments such as a face sauna or hot yoga will give the best result when done at this time of the 28-day lunar cycle. Your hair does not grow that much now, so you can have them plucked out painlessly.
Knowing the correlation the Moon Phase with our body will not change your life diametrically but it will definitely make your life easier and pleasurable.