How to take care of your make up brushes

We like to make sure that we have a perfect make up and a great hairdo. We take care of our beauty products as well by hiding them from the sunlight or keeping them in a fridge if needed. Do we remember about the makeup tools as well? Not many of us know how to maintain our brushes, so that we can use them longer.
Firstly, keeping your powder puffs in your bathroom is probably not the best idea. There is a lot of moisture and and this makes the dust and all bacteria cling bristle. We all know what happens when pathogenic microorganisms get into our skin. If you do need to keep them in the bathroom, put them in a separate drawers, boxes with a lid, or in a see-through plastic cointaners.
Once we know how to store out beauty tools, we ought to learn how to keep them clean. Ideally, each brush should be cleared after we use it, but in real world it is not happening. Sometimes, we do not realize how using dirty sponge or a brush is dangerous. Bacteria spreads and grow very quickly so all the tools need to be cleaned at least one a week. To wash off all dirt, oil and traces of make-up from your tools you can use a regular shampoo, or even better- special drugstore brush clears.
You can also make your own cleansing mixture. All you need it a spray bottle of 99% of alcohol, paper towel and a dirty brush. First spray the brush a few times with the alcohol so it gets dump and then dust it over the tissue. We do need to worry that the alcohol would be too harsh for the bristle. This method is easy and completely safe.

Bristles may get stiff, damaged or even fall out if often treated with chemical detergent. To avoid that, you can apply a tiny bit of conditioner on the brush and then rinse it with clean water. You will be surprised to see how smoothly the brush glides on your skin. Always remember to leave the brushes to dry flat. Never leave them to dry upright because the may change the shape. It is quite risky to make your powder puffs dry near a radiator as this may cause the glue to come away.