Magic Smokey Eye Liner from Bourjois

Smokey eyes is one of the most difficult eye make up to be created. It may take many unsuccessful attempts before we learn how to apply eye shadows like a pro. Another crucial factor in a successful eye make-up is the choice of the beauty products we are going to use. It is almost impossible to make a good smokey eye look with a hard liner. It is important to pick the product with a creamy or liquid consistency.
Bourjois has released ‘Effect Smokey’ eyeliner that allows to achieve an amazing look without smudges and creases. This pencil liner is a great way to draw precise lines for the bold, evening make-up. There will be no problem to apply the product under the lower lid. On the other end of the pencil, we can find a soft, blending brush made of natural bristles. Isn’t it great to have all your make up tools handy? You can use the brush to smoothen and blend all sharp lines creating a perfect foggy eye make-up. There are five deep and intense shades achievable. Although the product itself is great, Bourjois could have come up with better solution when it comes to its packaging. The pencil needs sharpening; therefore, there is a lot of product wastage. The eyeliner has a creamy consistency and it glides on the lid effortlessly without tugging. Due to the amazing colour payoff, only one, straight line gives our eyes definition. You can build up the colour depending on the effect you would like to achieve. It is not so great when it comes to the lasting power. Bourjois guarantees that the product will stay in place without creasing for at least nine hrs. Unfortunately, the colour fades within a few hrs. from application.