press powder

Matt finish thanks to Rimmel

Rimmel is one of the best known drugstore beauty company. Customers value its products for the affordable price and the quality. ‘The Stay Matte’ seems to be Rimmel’s bestseller for many, many years.

It is a pressed powder that comes in slim packaging, which look pretty cheap and tacky. . The downside to the package is the it has a plastic, fragile lid that may get cracked if you carry it around in your bag. There is also no mirror and no sponge included.

‘The Stay Matte’ came out in 7 shades. If you have a problem with matching the right shade you can get the Transparent colour that is also available. This way you make sure that it will only mattyfy your skin without adding any colour to your foundation. This popular beauty product has been designed to control the excess oil and to Helps minimise the appearance of pores. The powder is very effective as it leaves the skin matte for over 5 hours even during hot weather. It is recommended for combination and oily skin.
What’s interesting, the powder gives a slight coverage, which is great if there are any pimples that needs to be hidden. It holds the whole make up and make the skin look shine free for long hours.
Overall, it is a great product is an impractical packaging.
Is this product worth recommending? Definietely yes. It does its job properly, sets the make-up, well and make your skin matt and flawless looking. All the downsides can be forgiven if we take into consideration all good features of Stay Matte’, its effectiveness and an affordable price. In most of the shops it can be purchased for under $10