Should I cut my hair or not?

In many cultures, long, shiny hair is the synonym of womanhood and beauty and tenderness. Owners of short hair however, are perceived as self-confident or even feisty ladies. What length is the best then? It is a question of preference to some extent.
When shortening hair will be beneficial
1. When your hair is dry, damaged and has split ends cutting it will be the only way you can make it good again.
2. If you are fed up with the hair care. Washing it, blowdry, styling – it is time-consuming. Short hair cuts your long hair care routine. Just Wash and Go!
3. You died your curls ages ago and the colour still clings to your hair? Putting another layer of paint will definitely influence on the condition of hair. Another option would be chopping it off.
4. You want to change your hairstyle- We all understand it, no need for further explanation.
5. Short hair seems perfect for hot summertime.
6. You will look better in short hair because or the shape of your face. Middle-aged woman tend to look better in short hair. What’s more, if you are quite short, long hair will make you look even smaller.
7. Many of us use hair as a blanket to hide behind. Getting rid of curls may work as a shock therapy when it comes to dealing with your shyness or insecurity. Everybody would agree that confidence should come from a deeper place, and learning how to boost your self-esteem without the long flowing hair is an extremely beneficial lesson.
When it is better to let your hair grow
1.If you feel ‘Yourself’ only when you have long hair
2.If you like experimenting with different hairdos.
3.If it makes you feel sexy and feminine.
4.You are flattered by compliments regarding your long hair
5.During winter, long hair works like a hat+scarf
6. Body-shape and height play a big part in choosing a length. For instance, very tall women should wear long hair to balance the body.
Are still Considering the chop?
Make sure that you think about very carefully. If you decide to shorten your hair- there is a very long way back.